• Phen375 vs Phentramin-d

    phen375 vs phentramine-d

    Phen375 vs Phentramin-d (Unbiased Comparison)

    When the FDA and government regulated Phentermine (even banned in some countries) as a weight loss drug due to its serious side effect, multiple new products started floating in the market which claimed to offer similar weight-loss result. Though Phen375 is available during the time of phentermine but phentramin-d is a new drug which is promoted as the phentermine alternative. Both of these doesn’t require doctor’s prescription and can be bought online.

    The billion dollars question that arise is that does these claims are true and matches with the real experience of users. Both are fat-burner that focuses on appetite suppressant and boosting the body metabolism. It is very confusing for users to pick the right product because all these weight-loss products are very good with their claims and offers but it is also true that Online market is full of scams especially in the field of weight-loss category. With Phen375 Reviews vs Phentramin-d comparison here, a true attempt is done to clear your dilemma.

    Let’s First Talk About Phentramin-d

    Phentramin-d is promoted as an alternative weight-loss drug to Phentermine and is developed by Lazarus. The company claims that it is equally effective for men and women. It is claimed to be as effective as Phentermine but has no side-effects.

    Are These Claims True?

    Well, there is a contradiction here especially related to the side-effects. When you see the Phentermin-d bottle for its ingredients, you would notice that the amount of ingredients is not mentioned. Its basic ingredient is 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine which is a metabolism booster and works on suppressing appetite. But, how much 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine is present, that’s not mentioned and that really raise the red flags. If you query more about it on its official websites, you would come to know that it rely on two basic ingredients that is sympathomimetic amine and dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride.

    These two ingredients are good appetite suppressant but they also increase heart rate, mood swings, anxiety, mouth dryness, irregular or no sleep and so on. You will feel these experiences as long as you use Phentramin-d. Due to these side-effects, you cannot use it for a very long time and the result it shows will not remain permanently. Remember that Phentramin-d is not a FDA approved product and we too got amazed to know this fact in our Phen375 vs Phentramin-d comparison.

    Rumors that You Should Trust About Phentramin-d

    • 100% Safe Product with Natural Ingredients and FDA Approved
    • Lose around 12-20lbs in each month (False)
    • Can be used on daily basis for long term (False)
    • Totally safe from Diabetic and Heart Disease Patient (Not True)

    However, there are some pros of Phentramin-d as well such as it is a good appetite suppressant and boost the body metabolism. Based on the user’s feedback, it can reduce around 2-3lbs per-month but that can be muscle mass as well.

    About Phen375

    Phen375 is a certified weight-loss product that has been developed in the FDA approved facility. It is backed by Health-Care teams of countries like US, Canada, France, Australia and many more. It works on multiple aspects of weight-loss such as appetite suppressant, using fat for generating energy, scientific way for burning calories, metabolism improvement, adopting thermogenesis process, glucose disposal and so on. In addition to boosting the body-metabolism and helping in fat-loss, it also provides strength in sex drive and develop lean muscle mass.

    When the ingredients of Phen375 are examined, it is mostly natural such as calcium picolinate, calcium carbonate, caffeine, capsicum, L-carnitine and so on. So, if you compare Phen375 vs Phentramin-d ingredients, you can easily notice that Phen375 is made from natural ingredients whereas Phentermine-d is made from pharmaceutical ingredients. All the ingredients quantities are shown with their exact proportion on the bottle cover.

    Phne375 VS Phentramin-d (In Terms of Pricing)

    The one month supply of Phen75 is available in $65.95 while Phentramin-d cost around $67. The Phen375 are available with multiple promos and offers based on how much servings and monthly supply you buy. Similarly, Lazarus Labs also provides discounts and offers on Phentramin-d.

    Which one is better? (Final Conclusion)

    Before concluding which one is better, I must tell you to understand that you are buying any weight-loss products for getting a good body shape and to be healthy. So, whatever products you choose, it is important to know its ingredients. You cannot trust products that don’t reveal its ingredients. Despite the claims of Phentramin-d as it have similar effects as Phentermine with no side-effects, there is no scientific way to konw that it works or not as it doesn’t reveals the proportion of use ingredients. On the other hand, the proportion of Phen375 ingredients is known and they are natural. So, you must risk your health and opt for Phen375 if you really searching for a helpful weight-loss supplement or fat-burner.